If you are in this situation, whos to be blame ?

before couple *meet at friendster*

boy : Are u single ?
girl : Yeah. Y ?
boy : Can i be ur bf ?
girl : Huh ? I want to study 1st
boy : Okay then. I will wait for you
girl : Naah. No need to wait for me lol. Im afraid that I wont choose you
boy : I will make sure that u will be mine
girl : Ahha. Okay. We wait and see :)

2month later :
*phone ringing*

girl : Hello
boy : Heyy you. What are you doing ? Are u free tonight ?
girl : Urm.. Not really.. Why ?
boy : I had made a song that i dedicated for you
girl : Ouh really ? How sweet you are
boy : *singing
girl : U have a good voice
boy : I only make this song only for youu..
girl : Err. Tenkiu then. Sorry I gtg . I have to study. Daaa

5 month later :
*phone ringing*

girl : Ouh.. Hello you
boy : What are you doing ?
girl : Nothing . Just watching tv. Urm. Miss ur voice :)
boy : Ahha. Me too. Thats y I call you.. Miss to hear ur voice ^^
girl : Tenkiu.
boy : Have u heard a song of 1st love
girl : Nope.. Y ?.
boy : U should hear that song.. And feel the lyrics too.
girl : Okay. I will. Btw.. I gtg . I have to do some homework .
boy : Okay dear. I will calll u next time okay. Love you !
girl : Ahha. Okay. Bubyee

1 year later :
*phone ringing*

girl : Heyy youu.. :)
boy : Hyee.. Miss u already lol
girl : Me either . Btw I already heard that song that u already give me.. Thats was really nice song. Im touch. Thanks dear :)
boy : Anything for you :)
girl : *heart beep become faster
boy : You know what.. U really hard to get. Thats y I want to make sure that u will be mine one day ^^
girl : Ahha.. U never give up huh ? I like :)
boy : Yeah. I will fight for your love darling..
girl : Hehe.. I like your spirit
boy : Because I love you. And I will do everythig only for you
girl : I love you too

2 years later:
*phone ringing*

boy : Ouh hello
girl : Where have you been. Im waiting for you to calll me..
boy: Im out of credit dear. I will call you when i already topup yeah
girl : Really miss youu . Miss your voice :(
boy : Okay then. I will try to call you when i free yeah ?
girl : Dont u miss me ?
boy : Sure I miss youu . Btw. I gtg.. Have sport training. I will call you later okay ?
girl : Okay then.. Make sure u call me yeah.. I really miss you
boy : Okay . Take care.. Bubyee
girl : Hurm..
boy : Y ?
girl : I love youu..
 : Love u too

3 years later :
*phone ringing*

girl : Y you not pick up my call huh ?
boy : I already told you that I really busy here
girl : Hurm. Okay then.. I just need someone that can accompany me. Im lonely
boy : I will try to accompany you..
girl : Btw.. Y you not reply my com at facebook.. Theres no feedback from you
boy : Ouh.. Im sorry. I didnt noticed that
girl : Whatever . U different
boy : Im still me. What is different ?
girl : U not like before this . U dont know how to persuade me when im sulk.. Or u have other woman huh ?
boy : For god sake . Nope. Y u say like that ?
girl : Urm nothing .
boy : Okay. I gtg. I have test tonight . Wish me good luck okay ?
girl : Okay. Gud luck..

4 years later
*phone ringing..no one answer ............. *pls leave ur msg after this beep..

boy : Urmm.. Hey youu. Its been ages since i heard from you.. Im so sorry.. I know I cant accompany you like before this. And now I just want to tell you that I already finished my studies.. And now I really happy and I can spent my whole time only for you. I will try to make u smile always , and always by your side and I promise I wont leave you. I really do love youu.. I hope after you got this voice msg.. U will call me back yeah.. Im always waiting for you.. Take care yeah..

few minutes later

girl : (typing msg) hurm.. Im sorry.. I cant continue our relationship.. Because I thought u already forget me.. And now I have someone else that can replace u.. Im so sorry.. I hope u can forget me and find a new one.. Its been a year im with him.. So I think I cant leave him. Because he always with me when im lonely, sad.. Its hard for me to forget him.. Sorry any wrong doings.. Byee and always take care yeah..

What can we seen on the story above. We know that both of them is fault. 
If i in this situation, and if I be a girl. I will wait for that guy. Every girl hate to being lonely. Me included. But doesnt meant that boy will easily forget that girl. Maybe there have a reason why he do like that aite ? And if i be that boy, I will try my best to contact that girl. At least once a week to know about her gf news. So I hope girls can understand boys feeling. And so do men :)

Okey then. Thats all for today. Thanks again for willing spare your time to visit my blog yeah. I will updated my blog soon. Take care and have a nice day dear! :)

Much Love

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